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VIPER next generation Test & Measurement solutions looking at Internet of Things wave
Viper base system
Viper cabinet with supported connections

Test Inspire is specialized in designing high density PPMU, DPS, AWG and Digitizers. We have a deep understanding of overall available T&M technology and solutions. We take care of prototyping and industrialization of your solutions.  


VIPER versatile and hierarchy core technology reduces development and verification time for new instrumentation design.


In characterization Labs the powerful highly integrated and scalable VIPER intercepts the needs of high density instrumentation for complex PMIc and SOICs, providing higher productivity, smaller foot print and lower Cost of Ownership.


In mass production Test Inspire VIPER based solutions, inspired by the Internet of Things IoT wave, can be remotely synchronized and triggered by any test equipment achieving optimal throughput.


With Test Inspire technology, Test engineers have the opportunity to design the most effective test solutions beyond Test Cell Configuration constrains, with enhanced Unit Per Hour (UPH) at the lowest Cost of Test (CoT) differentiating from their competition.

VIPER Test Inspire core technology is leveraging well established Test & Measurements (T&M) Open Standards like AXIe evolution of AdvancedTCA®, , PXIe (Peripheral Component Interconnect Express) and LXI , the LAN eXtensions for Instrumentation.


VIPER enables innovative test solutions and system integration for characterization test benches and mass production test cells.


VIPER technology is the response to flexibility and customization combined with standardization.


SW tools, calibration and diagnostics are embedded in VIPER and completely independent by any test subsystem.


VIPER portable solutions can be shared between different test setups and backwards compatible with released applications.

Web interface for Viper

Test Options Technology



  • 324 Configurable Channels

  • —DPS/PPMU -1 to 5V @ 256mA

  • —Dpin -1 to 5V @ 50MB/s


LYNX Digitizer

  • —32 Channels

  • —14 bits

  • 100MS/s

  • —16MSamples memory

  • 2 Ranges


Reference Design: Four Quadrant VI

  • —6 Channels four Quadrant VI

  • —5ua to 1.0 A 7 current ranges

  • —-7V to +36V 3 voltage ranges

  • —Prog. Current/Voltage

Viper  base system overview

Design Framework



  • 6Test Options per VIPER

  • From single slot case to 14 

  • 400watt total power

  • Master and/or Slave configurable

  • Synchronization & Triggering

  • LAN, PCIe, USB connections

  • ATE SW drivers available

  • Standard and custom Signal Delivery technology




Powerful and scalable VIPER architecture gives the opportunity to design custom T&M modules based on your requirements

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