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Job Openings

Electronics Engineer (FPGA) at Test Inspire

Education Level: BSc / MSc



Are you the eager, ambitious and promising Electronics FPGA Engineer that we are looking for? Do you want to work in a dynamic international environment? Do you want to work on challenging, multi-disciplinary projects in a high-tech industry? As Electronic Engineer, you will be involved in the entire design process of advanced Test & Measurement systems. You will use your technical knowledge about Electronics to complete responsibilities such as writing specifications, discussions with our customers, designing, qualification and finally preparing the product for out-sourced production. As Electronics Engineer you will possess the knowledge or drive to learn:
•    Skills toImplementreal time data transfer functions in hardware, such as pattern and timing generators, peripheral control and communication over high-speed buses
•    Skills to implement and work with high-speed peripherals such as PCIe, 1GbE, DDR3/DDR4 memory controllers, ADC, DAC, Timing generators etc
•    Affinity to work with and discuss with hardware and software engineers on a technical level
•    Xilinx Vivado tool skills and in-depth knowledge of FPGA design flows of Xilinx
•    Working with VHDL,  HLS (High-Level Synthesis), C(++) and scripting languages (
tcl/tk, etc)

•    BSc / MSc In Electrical Engineering
•    Practical experience with FPGA design
•    The desire and drive to excel in your field of work with passion for technology
•    English speaking and writing

You will get the chance to develop yourself as a person, gain extensive knowledge in advanced technology and develop your career in multiple directions. Based on your skills and contribution to the company success, you will be offered a market competitive salary and outstanding secondary conditions. We are offering to selected and committed employees a loyalty program that gives the opportunity to become a shareholder.

Test Inspire is an innovative company with the drive to use the latest technology to lower the cost of testing semiconductors. Our market is the semiconductor testing industry around the world. Our products are used 7 days a week 24 hours a day in production and must be reliable and easy to setup. The quality and accuracy are guaranteed over long periods of time and this is achieved starting at the development phase and later in the production and support phase. 
You will be located at the R&D center in Welsum The Netherlands. Occasionally you will give support to our sales and support staff around the world


Interested? Please contact Rien Looijen at: or +31 85 002 0337

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